• The subjects we are recruiting TA/SA are as follows.
    • Fundamentals of Information Technology 1 (2 periods)
    • Fundamentals of Information Technology 2 (2 periods)
  • As a rule, classes are held face-to-face, but may be held online at the teacher's discretion.
  • Please register your preferred classes in the TA/SA class assignment system.
    • The maximum number of TA/SA in each class is two. If there are too many applicants, we may increase the number to three, but if there is a shortage in another class, the third person may be asked to move.
    • Classes with TA/SA directly requested by teachers will be displayed as "Recommended ○ people" on the timetable. In that case, general applicants may not be assigned.
    • We will interview new applicants. However, it is not necessary if recommended by a teacher. Please select the interview time when registering the system and write your name on the schedule sheet. Access the Zoom link at the time you selected.
    • You can work 4 periods in total. A class runs in 2 consecutive periods, but it is possible to work only one of them.
  • After your class in charge is assigned, it may take some time to reflect the information in SOL system. Please register yourself as a student in SOL system temporarily.
  • You need to register your bank account to receive payments in SOL-A system.
  • Please fill in the attendance record every week after the class starts. It is located in the TA/SA class assignment system.
Registration of your preferred classes (use CNS login name and password)
Zoom interview (It is not required for those who have experiences and those who are recommended by teachers)
Assignment of the class in charge
Bank account registration via SOL-A
Start of the course (Fill in the attendance record every week)

Contact: Eiko Kato / it-tasa@sfc.keio.ac.jp (Working hours: 10:00-17:00 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)