About Typing Exam

Normal Mode and Covered Mode

Since the aim of touch typing is to type without looking at keyboards (instead you can look at books, whiteboards or slides), the typing exam should be conducted in such manner. However, it is difficult for teachers to keep watching many students in the same time. So, in normal mode, you will pass the exam if you can type fast enough (with or without looking keyboards). Those who feel difficult to type fast can take the exam in covered mode where keyboards must be covered by towels or something.

The criteria is as follows:

  • 150 letters/minute (normal mode), 100 letters/minute (covered mode)
  • Errors must be 9 letters or less.

Students who will take the exam in covered mode should sit near the teacher’s desk so that the teacher can watch if keyboards are properly covered.

Steps of Exam

  1. Students who will take the exam in covered mode should bring towels or something to cover keyboards and your hands, and sit near the teacher’s desk.
  2. Open Terminal on iMacs in PC room. You cannot use your own computer.
  3. Enter typingtest2 in the Terminal window and press enter key.
  4. A new window opens. In this window, mouse operations are disabled. You can only use keyboards.
  5. Following the teacher’s instruction, enter your name, etc.
  6. Wait until the teacher signals to start.
  7. With the teacher’s signal, start typing.
    • Exam time is usually 10 minutes.
    • During the exam time, you can try as many times as you want. If you fulfill the criteria once, you will pass.
    • No echo-back in normal mode (You cannot see letters you type).
    • Delete key is disabled. When you make a mistake, don’t try to correct it, but start typing from the next letter.
    • At the end of line, press enter key.
    • If your typing is misaligned, it is counted as 1 error regardless of the length of the misaligned part.
    • If your screen shows “Pass” at the end of typing, keep the screen untouched and raise your hand to call teachers or TA/SA. They will check the screen and your student ID card.
    • List of passers will be carried on web pages on the next day. ->List of passers

If you commit a fraud, credits may not be awarded for any courses taken in this semester.