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No.3 : File System
No.3 : Copyrights
No.4 : Analog and Digital
No.4 : Binary and Hexadecimal Numbers
No.7 : Propositional Logic
No.8 : Quantity of Information
slides Exercise 08-2
No.8 : Character Representation
No.8 : Data Compression
No.8 : Image Files
File Type (features of GIF, PNG, JPEG)
No.10 : Mechanism of a Computer

No.10 : Operating System
Functions of operating systems
No.10 : Access Rights

How to Use Online Exam System

  1. Login to the iMac in the classroom (you cannot use other machines).
  2. Open this URL https://itclass.sfc.keio.ac.jp/exam/info1-en/student/
  3. Klik the appropriate exam URL from the list.
  4. Enter your CNS username and password.
  5. Do not proceed when you see your name and student ID on the page.
  6. Click [Next] after the instructor signals the start of the exam.
  7. The 40 problems and the corresponding choices appear after you click [Display the problems].
  8. Click the appropriate radio buttons using a mouse to answer the problems.
  9. Click [Submit the answers] after you finish (If you don’t click it, you will receive 0 point).
  10. You can click [Submit the answers] multiple times. Only your final submission is evaluated.


  • You may not allowed to open any other software application and any other page, except for the exam page.
  • You may have only a blank paper and a pen or pencil, and may not use a calculator.

Makeup exam (added Nov. 20)

The exams are conducted twice and the higher score will be adopted. Therefore it is OK to be absent from one of exams, but you can claim a makeup exam if you have unavoidable reasons.

  • Acceptable reasons are same as the final examination. (See SFC-GUIDE Vol.2 p.34)
  • You can take only one makeup exam even if you are absent from both exams.
  • The makeup exam will be conducted in the last week. Please ask your teacher for detail.